Ražotājs: OVERMAX
Preces kods: 14-28217

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Apmaksa ar bankas karti onlainā!

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Pasūtījumu pieņemšana 24 stunadas dienaktī!

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Aizsūtīsim pasūtījumu jebkurā Eiropas punktā!

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Battery capacity 750
Color Black.Orange
Power Built-in battery
Accessories included - Drone- Remote control- 3 batteries 750mAh- 12 propellers- Camera WiFi- Handle your smartphone- Screwdriver- 2 USB cable to charge the battery
Battery life 40
Camera Yes
controller Dedykowany.application
Dimensions 34 x 34 cm
Other features - Recording Audio / Video: directly on smartfornie- Charging time: 50 minutes (one battery)- Remote Power: 4 x 1.5V AA- LED lighting- Acrobatics 360 degrees- Construction: Plastic
Przeznaczenie amateur
Range 100
stabilization Yes

x-bee drone 3.1 plus wifi
X-Bee plus WiFi 3.1 is a new generation of the most popular model drone brand OVERMAX. The included camera-Fi opens up a new world of possibilities!

Auto-calibration and 3 airspeed make learning to fly more pleasant.
Thanks to the pilot with a handle on the smartphone you can view the video from the camera live on your smartphone!

FLY AND RECORD smartphone!
X-Bee Drone 3.1 plus WiFi gives you the opportunity to explore the Sky World with the latest kamerce with a WiFi connection. All videos can be recorded directly on your smartphone, and handle the remote control will allow you to better control the current cadre. Auto-calibration and 3 flight speed will give the possibility of a faster and more pleasant learning to fly. 3 batteries included with the possibility of even longer fun! The flight time on one of them dates back to 12 minutes, so changing batteries you can play with the appliance even 40 minutes! When one battery is in the air, the other two can charge thanks to two attached USB przewodom. Improved design allows easy to replace both batteries and repair damaged motors.

Camera WiFi will allow you to keep an eye on your smartphone views and videos from the air.

Long flight
Three supplied 750 mAh battery will allow you to enjoy up to 40 minutes of flight, acrobatics and photos.

Robust design based on the propellers 4, 6-axis gyroscope and a set of spare propellers enable stable and safe flight and soaring acrobatics.

Included with the drone you will find: remote control holder on the smartphone, camera WiFi, 3 batteries, 12 propellers, 2 USB cables for charging batteries and a screwdriver.