Ražotājs: OVERMAX
Modelis: OV-X-BEE DRONE 9.0
Preces kods: 14-56095

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  • Pieejamība: Noliktavā
  • Skaits > 5

Paredzamais piegādes laiks no 23-10-2019 līdz 25-10-2019 datumam

Sūtījuma sekošanas sistēma

Sūtījuma sekošanas sistēma

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Pasūtījumu pieņemšana 24 stunadas dienaktī!

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Akumulatora darbības laiks 20 minūtes
Akumulatora ietilpība 1800 mAh
Atmiņas karšu lasītājs
Atminas karte microSD
Diapazons 400 m
Filmas izšķirtspēja (maks.) 1920 x 1080 px
Īpašās funkcijas FOLLOW ME: Capture unforgettable moments thanks to the automatic tracking of the drone with the camera set towards the operator without his interference in controlling the device. This feature is extremely useful when recording sports activities. TAP POINTS TO FLY: This function allows you to mark points on the GPS, in which the drone will automatically be guided by recording the entire route traveled. POINT OF INTEREST: Set a point on the GPS, and the drone will automatically rotate around it, recording it from the distance selected by the operator. ACK HOME: Thanks to the built-in GPS transmitter drone, after pressing the button on the remote control, returns to the starting place, and then lands. HEADLESS MODE: Regardless of which side of the remote you set up the device, you always recommend it in the direction selected on the remote control or mobile device! AUTOSTART AND LANDING: Just press one button on the remote control to make the drone rise to a height of about 150 cm and safely wait for your every move. The same button activates the automatic landing function in hazardous situations. HEIGHT MAINTENANCE FUNCTION: The automatic altitude maintenance function is extremely useful for novice operators, it provides full control over the drone and makes it easier to make stable shots with the camera.
Jauda Akumulators
Komplektā ietilpst piederumi Drone Remote control Smartphone holder 2 spare propellers Camera Chassis Charger with balancer and USB cable Screws, screwdriver Battery A key for mounting propellers
Krāsa Black; Orange
Liktenis semi-professional
Navigācija GPS
Svars 0.85 kg
Veids Quadrocopter


  • GPS transmitter - maintaining a fixed position and height
  • Follow me function - following a drone behind a control person
  • Tap points to fly - flying at designated points according to GPS
  • Point of Interest - revolving around the selected point according to the GPS
  • Back home - automatic landing and return to the starting place
  • Headless mode (very easy control)
  • Full HD rotating camera with stabilizing rubber controlled from the remote control
  • Very durable brushless motors + auto calibration
  • Very large range: up to 400 meters
  • Flight time up to 20 minutes on one battery
  • Vmax up to 33 km / h
  • Strong and flexible design made of ABS
  • Rugged, convenient remote control with a smartphone holder
  • FPV (live view from the drone) up to 300 meters
  • 6 axial gyroscope
  • Strong LED lighting. Rapid agility and speed

The newest drone 9.0 from the OVERMAX X-Bee family has been equipped with a number of protections that prevent the device from being lost:
  • If a weak battery is detected in the drone or remote control, the device will automatically start to return to the starting position
  • When the drone loses the range with the operator, it will automatically move back to the starting position
  • Losing the GPS range and controller will make the drone automatically stop and land gently

1. Smartphone holder
2. Engine speed sensor with flight level memory
3. Selecting the flight mode
4. LED lighting control
5. Adjustment of the handle in two planes
6. Flight direction rod
7. Video recording control
8. Mode of automatic landing and take-off
9. Pilot lock
10. Back Home button
11. Turning on the GPS signal
12. Changing the functionality of the rods - two control modes (the remote control is suitable for right and left-handers)
13. LCD monitor

The LCD monitor will provide you with a lot of information to help you control the drone. The pilot informs about:
  • The number of GPS satellites within the scope of the drone
  • The level of battery charge in the drone
  • The battery level in the remote control
  • Data regarding the height and distance at which the device is located from the operator
  • Video
  • Return mode
  • coverage
  • GPS mode
  • Hedless mode
  • picture
  • Control mode (the remote control is suitable for right and left-handers)
Thanks to the built-in WiFi module, you will be able to track the image captured by the camera on the screen of any mobile device within a distance of up to 300 meters. Do you want to check what your friend sees when doing skateboarding? Or maybe you would like to show off your skills to your friends? It's easy to install the right application and set up your camera in the right place.
The drone uses the latest available solutions. It is compatible only with devices that support Wi-Fi in the 5 GHz standard. Before buying, make sure that your device with the application supports this standard.

Preview the image from the camera in real time on your smartphone! The camera is rotating in a wide 90-degree range with a unique method of recording vertically down from the bird's flight position. The camera is controlled using a remote control.