AC Adapter (04108) 19V | 3.95A 75W plug 5.5x2.5mm 04108

Modelis: 04108
Preces kods: 14-400

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  • Pieejamība: Noliktavā
  • Skaits 2

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Compatible with Satellite Pro L670Satellite U300-116Satellite U300-115Satellite U300-114Satellite U300-111Satellite U300-11KSatellite U300-10MSatellite T230Satellite M70-376Satellite M70-356Satellite M70-340Satellite M70-258Satellite M70-252Satellite M70-239Satellite M70-238Satellite M70-193Satellite M70-191Satellite M70-190Satellite M70-160Satellite M70-159Satellite M70-131Satellite M70-129Satellite M70-122Satellite M65-S909Satellite M65-S821Satellite M65-S809Satellite M60-S8112TDSatellite M60-S6111TDSatellite M60-BK3Satellite M60-183Satellite M60-182Satellite M60-170Satellite M60-161Satellite M60-135Satellite M60-134Satellite M60-132Satellite M40X-251Satellite M40X-250Satellite M40X-231Satellite M40X-184Satellite M40X-183Satellite M40X-183Satellite M40X-175Satellite M40X-169Satellite M40X-168Satellite M40X-166Satellite M40X-163Satellite M40X-161Satellite M40X-159Satellite M40X-142Satellite M40X-129Satellite M40X-119Satellite M40X-116Satellite M40X-115Satellite M40X-112Satellite 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In box 1. AC Adapter2. power Cable3. User manual
Output current (max) 3.95 A
Output voltage 19 V
Plug 5.5x2.5mm
Power supply output current 75 W
Use network

The expensive power supply is a thing of the past!

Whitenergy offers the highest quality dedicated laptop replacement power supplies, available on our market. The massive housing of the Whitenergy power supply contains conceivable components that you will not find in cheap counterparts. Poor quality replacements are particularly dangerous for your laptop, because to reduce production costs, they are created from very low quality components. A common practice among suppliers of cheap replacements is the regeneration of components (ie refreshing old components). By purchasing our power supplies you can be sure that each element of the power supply is brand new.

Whitenergy power supply is 100% compatible with the original power supply, built from identical components, which gives you confidence that you use the highest quality equipment that will ensure the security of your laptop. The prices of originals reach even PLN 600 and it is a considerable expense. Thanks to our replacements, you can be sure that by paying a fraction of this price, you get an equally high-quality product.

The weight of the power supply first of all
The image presented below indicates the difference between the standard power supply and the Whitenergy brand. At first glance, you can see that our power supply is made of very high quality components, equipped with a greater number of electronic components, including copper-ferrite chokes, filters and screens. Thanks to this, as one of the few on the market, they meet the restrictive standards of EMC, LVD, RoHS2 - they do not interfere with electrical devices and do not suffer such disturbances. They also have surge protection from the mains and overcharging. This is why the Whitenergy power supplies weigh by min. 20% more than cheap replacements.

The Whitenergy power supply range is a wide range of products, the compatibility of which covers 99% of notebook models on the market.

Power cords
When buying a power supply, it is worth paying attention to the cables connected to the device. The Whitenergy power supply has a high quality cable in the set, along with a ferrite filter and a band, making it easier to roll up the cable. An additional advantage of the power supplies is a long cable, which will ensure the freedom of use of the laptop, even in conditions of difficult access to the socket. The length of the power cable (from the socket to the power supply) is approx. 1.5 m, and the length of the cable from the power supply to your laptop is 1.8 m. The total length of the cable is over 3 m! Whitenergy power supplies are the best power alternative for your laptop!

Equipment insurance
To protect your equipment and give you confidence in the high quality of our replacement, buying a Whitenergy power supply, you get insurance up to 10,000 Euro. This means that if our power supply in any way will damage your valuable equipment, we will refund your money in the amount of the equipment, up to a maximum of EUR 10,000. We guarantee that our product is 100% safe and designed in accordance with the highest EMC standards applicable on the European market, which is why we are able to offer such insurance that can not be provided by the manufacturer, who sells cheap and low-quality alternatives.

- Line filters and circuits that reduce the current stroke during power-up.
- The rectifier system.
- PFC (cosine improvement φ) - power factor correction (PFC - power factor correction) - power factor increase.
- PWM (Pulse-width modulation) - pulse width modulator. This system powers the device directly or through a low-pass filter, which smoothes the voltage or current waveform.
- Rectifier module and output voltage filtration.
- Protection circuits, control and adjustment of the output voltage.
- Power cable equipped with a ferrite filter
- Construction identical to the original
- Equipment insurance up to 10,000 Euro
- Total cable length of more than 3m